The Art of Pawnbroking: An Inside Look at a Centuries-Old Industry

The world of pawnbroking has changed immensely over the last few centuries. While it was once limited to just goldsmiths, today there are thousands of pawn shops across the globe. Pawn shops have been around since medieval times, when a borrower could use an item of value as collateral against a small loan. In this … Read more

The History of Melbourne Pawnbrokers: From Ancient Times to Modern Day

Pawnbroking has been a part of Melbourne’s history since its very beginning. The first recorded pawnshop was set up in China in the fifth century BC, with the first known European pawnshop opening its doors just over 500 years later. The First Melbourne Pawnbroker Melbourne Pawnbrokers was a Chinese man named Ah Kow. He opened … Read more

Pawnbrokers and the Law: Regulations and Compliance in the Industry

The pawnbroking industry has a rich history that dates back to ancient times. For centuries, people have used pawnshops as a way to raise money for emergency situations or unexpected expenses. In the United States, there are over 15,000 pawn shops and over 1 million people who use them every year. Pawnbrokers operate under the … Read more